TV Anime/Data Carddass "Aikatsu Friends!" New OP/ED Themes - Soko ni Shikanai Mono/Pride (TVアニメ/データカードダス『アイカツフレンズ!』新OP/EDテーマ そこにしかないもの/プライド) is a single with the set of the new theme songs from the Aikatsu Friends! series. The tracklist includes the new opening and ending songs for the Aikatsu Friends! anime. It is set to be released October 24, 2018.


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No. Title Performer .ogg File
1 Soko ni Shikanai Mono (そこにしかないもの) Aine, Mio, Ema and Maika from BEST FRIENDS! TBA
2 Pride (プライド) Karen and Mirai from BEST FRIENDS!
3 Mitsukeyō yo♪ (みつけようよ♪) Maika and Ema from BEST FRIENDS!
4 Soko ni Shikanai Mono (Off Vocal)
(そこにしかないもの (Off Vocal))
5 Pride (Off Vocal)
(プライド (Off Vocal))
6 Mitsukeyō yo♪
(みつけようよ♪ (off vocal))
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