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TV Anime/Data Carddass "Aikatsu Friends!" Insert Song Single 1 - First Color: PINK (TVアニメ/データカードダス『アイカツフレンズ!』挿入歌シングル 1 - First Color: PINK) is the first single for the first set of insert songs from the Aikatsu Friends! series. The tracklist includes three songs from Data Carddass Aikatsu Friends! Part 1 which were not included in the first single. These songs are 6cm-ue no Keshiki, Identity,and Ai de Afureteiru. The single is scheduled to release on June 27,2018.


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No. Title Performer .ogg File
1 6cm-ue no Keshiki (6cm上の景色) Mio from BEST FRIENDS!
The Scene Above 6cm
2 Identity (アイデンティティ) Mirai from BEST FRIENDS!
3 Ai de Afureteiru (愛で溢れている) Karen from BEST FRIENDS!
Overflowing with Love
4 6cm ue no keshiki (Off Vocal) (6cm上の景色 (Off Vocal)) None
The Scene Above 6cm (off vocal)
5 Identity (Off Vocal) (アイデンティティ (Off Vocal))
Identity (off vocal)
6 Ai de Afureteiru (off vocal) (愛で溢れている (Off Vocal))
Overflowing with Love (off vocal)


VTEAikatsu Friends! Music
Arigato ⇄ Daijōbu/Believe it Arigato ⇄ DaijōbuAikatsu Friends!Believe it
First Color:PINK 6cm-ue no KeshikiIdentityAi de Afureteiru
Second Color:YELLOW Girls be ambitious!Kimi Kakeru WatashiOkemaru
Soko ni Shikanai Mono/Pride Soko ni Shikanai MonoPrideMitsukeyō yo♪
Third Color: PURPLE MichibikareteGūzen, Hitsuzen.Kizuna ~Synchro Harmony~
Fourth Color: BLUE Min'na Min'na!Have a DreamIssho ni A・I・K・A・T・S・U!
Hitori Janai!/Be Star Hitori Janai!Be Star
Unlisted Kokoro HirakōSekai wa Mawaru
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