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Soko ni Shikanai Mono

Soko ni Shikanai Mono
Single/Album Name Soko ni Shikanai Mono/Pride
Single/Album Release October 24, 2018
Song Details
Song Name Soko ni Shikanai Mono
Type TBA
Singer Aine, Mio, Ema and Maika from BEST FRIENDS!
First Appearance
Game Part 4
Publisher Lantis

Soko ni Shikanai Mono (そこにしかないもの) is a song which will make its debut as the second opening of the Aikatsu Friends anime in Data Carddass Aikatsu Friends! Part 4


Short Version

TV Size

Full Version


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No. Songs Artist Duration Audio
01 Soko ni Shikanai Mono Aine, Mio, Maika and Ema from BEST FRIENDS! TBA TBA
02 Soko ni Shikanai Mono (Off Vocal) None TBA TBA


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