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Radikatsu Friends!, an abbrevation for Radio Aikatsu Friends!, is a radio programme presented by the voice actresses of the main cast of Aikatsu Friends!. It is a successor to Radikatsu for the original Aikatsu! series, and Radikatsu Stars! for Aikatsu Stars!.
In a usual Radikatsu programme, the voice actresses announce various information about the series, read fan letters and talk about

Episode List

Episode 01

Broadcast Date:April 25,2018
Featured Members: Akane Matsunaga and Yui Ninomiya
Notable points:

Episode 2

Broadcast Date:May 2,2018
Featured Members:Akane Matsunaga and Yui Ninomiya
Notable points: Akane and Yui introduced thmselves as Aine and Ema at the start of the programme.


  • In Radikatsu Friends!, the voice actresses introduce themselves in their original names rather than using their stage names, which are their respective characters' names.
  • Fan letters (in japanese only) can be mailed to for a chance to be featured in the upcoming episode(s).
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