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Purple Link Coord
Purple Link Coord
Brand None
Attribute Sexy
Rarity Friends Rare
Data Carddass Game Part 1
Known Users Maika Chōno


Purple Link Coord is a Friends! rare coord. It is Maika Chōno's school dress for the anime's first season, and is paired with her teammate Ema Hinata' Yellow Link Coord


Purple Link Top

The top has a ruffled white collar with a golden choker that has a purple gemstone hanging on it.The top starts off with a low-cut neck with the open sleeved connecting to it. The chest region has a white frilled bodice with a purple lace on its edge. The torso has a large purple ribbon in the center and is lined with a golden strip. The torso also has two strips of the golden material ilined parallely through the center inside which is two buttoned straps. The torso's base is a v-cut and the cut is lined with a silky white ruffled material

Purple Link Skirt

The skirt is a two layered piece with a belt on top of it all. The belt is a purple one with golden metal pieces and the school's emblem piece right in the middle. The skirt is two layered with two different kinds of designs and fabrics. The first one pleated design with various shades of violet and purple and on one of the pleats has a matching gingham pattern like the top’s ribbon. On the patterned part of the skirt, has a couple of belt like attachments to it. It is pale lavender with golden metal parts. At the edge of the first layered fabric is lined with lavender and gold colours. The second layer seems like a softer fabric in a singular colour which is violet.

Purple Link Boots

The shoes are mid high heeled boots with dark purple linings around them. Their main colour are shades of purple and violet. it's mostly lavender violet with a dark purple at the edge where the heels, while the tip of the boots where the toes are pale lavender violet. The boots have golden laces going across the center. Around the ankle area there’s a small pale belt fastened on both legs. High and in front of the boots has similar gingham patterned bow while on top of it all are pale periwinkle frills point upwards. Lastly underneath the soles and heels are in the same colour purple as the skirt waist belt

Dress Items

Tops Bottoms Shoes
F1-67-cp 00
Purple Link Top
F1-68-cp 00
Purple Link Skirt
F1-69-cp 00
Purple Link Boots
Fcdk-19p 00
Fcdk-20p 00
Fcdk-21p 00



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