"I didn't think Aikatsu would be so hard!"
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Nana dcd
Character Information
Kanji ナナ
Romaji Nana
Gender Female
Profession Aikatsu! Navi
Virtual Ai Tuber
Affiliations Coco
Debut in DCD game TBA
More information
Seiyū/Singer Shino Shimoji

Nana (ナナ) is an Aikatsu! Navi and a virtual Aikatsu Youtuber in the Aikatsu Friends! series. She is the mascot for AiTube, which is the YouTube channel for Aikatsu Friends!


Nana looks identical to Coco, except that she has bright pink hair that she wears on the right side of her head (unlike Coco), pink eyes and a skin tone slightly yellower than Coco. Nana even bears the same outfit as Coco.


Nana is very energetic, and has many aspirations as an Aikatsu Navi as well as a virtual youtuber.



Nana looks up to Coco and aspires to become an Aikatsu Navi as good as her. She is also identical in appearance to Coco other than a few differences.


  • Nana is the first virtual youtuber dedicated to the Aikatsu franchise.
  • Nana's occupation resembles that of Kizuna Ai, where both of them are virtual youtubers. However Ai works on Artificial Intelligence, whereas it is unknown as to whether Nana works on it as well.
  • Nana shares many similarities with Coco
    • Both of them look identical to each other.
    • They are both Aikatsu! Navi's.
    • They are both virtual to the series.
  • She shares her seiyuu with Akari Ōzora of the original Aikatsu! series
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