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Momone Yūki (友希ももね) is the younger sister of Aine Yūki.


Momone Yūki
Character Information
Kanji 友希ももね
Romaji Yuuki Momone
Gender Female
Debut in anime Hello Friends!
More information
Seiyū/Singer Yūki Takada


Momone is a bright young girl with big, round, olive-colored eyes and dark rust-brown hair, like her mother. She wears her hair in puffy twin braids from the top of her head, held by yellow scrunchies. Her bangs also resemble her mother, and are rounded and resemble clouds in the center of her forehead. She has a large forehead and has a curled lock of hair in front of each of her ears.


Momone and her sister Suzune are huge fans of Mio Minato. Momone always gets flustered when Mio comes over to their place and puts on a show of impressing her, usually in vain when Penne manages to grab Mio's attention.



Momone's father.

Momone's mother.

Momone's elder brother.

Momone's elder sister.

Momone's elder sister.

Momone's younger brother.


Yūki (友希)-While Yū (友) is the kanji for 'friend' and ki (希) is the kanji for 'courage', the surname is also a pun on the word 'courage' (勇気), also pronounced yūki. It's a pun on an actual Japanese surname, written using kanji 結城, as well.

Momone (ももね)-Momo (もも) literally translates to 'peach' in its kanji form '桃'. Because the name is written in hiragana there is no special meaning for ne (), but in its kanji form '音' it translates to 'sound'.

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