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Mirai Asuka

Mirai Asuka
Champagne Red | Diamond Future

Chara mirai

Character Information
Kanji 明日香ミライ
Romaji Asuka Mirai
Gender Female
Birthday 9th May
Profession Top Idol
Affiliations Love MeTear

Star Harmony Academy ( former)

Debut in DCD game Part 1
More information
Zodiac Taurus
Blood Type A
Idol Type Pop
Theme Color Red
Seiyū/Singer Ayaka Ōhashi

Mirai Asuka (明日香(あすか)ミライ Asuka Mirai) is one of the main characters in the upcoming series Aikatsu Friends. She is a pop-type top idol in the Diamond Class, and with her partner and friend Karen Kamishiro, won the Diamond Friends Cup and is now recognized as a Diamond Friend. She is a former alumnae of Star Harmony Academy. Her preferred brand is Milky Joker.


Mirai has turquoise-green eyes and scarlet-crimson hair. Her bangs are split in three parts along with short forelocks. Her hair is puffy and is tied in two low pigtails with several loose strands standing up on end.


Mirai is a girl who is well-versed in social media. Thanks to that, she's aware of all the latest fads. She's known as an overwhelmingly hard worker; her appearance in this matter is stated to be that of a model idol.


Karen is Mirai's partner and unit member. They also appear to be close friends.


  • Asuka (明日香)
    • Asuka is a fairly common Japanese feminine name. It consists of two compounds: 'asu' (明日) stands for 'tomorrow' (most likely referring to her knowledge of social media) while 'ka' (香) means 'scent, fragrance'.
  • Mirai (ミライ)
    • Mirai is a common Japanese feminine name. It stands for 'future' when written in kanji 未来. Similarly to 明日 in 明日香, it refers to her social media awareness.


  • Mirai is voiced by Ayaka Ōhashi, who also voices Ran Shibuki from the original Aikatsu series, as well as Yozora Kasumi from Aikatsu Stars.
    • Ōhashi voices Sāya Yamabuki from BanG Dream! and Uzuki Shimamura from iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls as well.
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