Meet our team of mods!

Here is a list of our team of admins/mods, and whom to ask about what.

The Kanbuz

Yup, that's us, the admins. We are pretty much the ones marked 'Admin' on our profile page. Here's a list of the ones who do all the kanbukatsu on our wiki!

Arissun is the founder of the Aikatsu Friends Wiki and is currently the owner of our official wikia domain.Arissun may not be active on the wikia much, but she is our translator and such since the rest of us aren't that good at TLs(and also because Arissun actually studied Japanese). Arissun has quite some experience with wikias, so she gives us tips and advice to keep the wiki going.

The most active user and admin of the wikia, Shoujo aka Mayu is our youngest mod(she's 13 lol) and does quite a bit of work in the wikia. You can totally reach out to her if you feel something's wrong with the wikia or you want some help, or just make friends.Mayu is also the reason why the wikia is what it is today, as she went from zero knowledge to totally whizzing up our templates and make our wiki much better than what it was in the start.

Otaku aka Nin/lycanrockk is pretty much our info source for the wikia. He gets us all the latest whiz of Aikatsu Friends and is literally our otaku. He's a crazy Ako fan, so the best way to have some fun with him is to talk about Ako's SPR(lol). Otaku is a great help in making tasks and covering up our errors(like adding links, kanji etc.)

Gon is the one who can be called our 'criticizer'. She gives us feedback, mostly, on our newest updates to the wiki, and also made some of the renders we used on the wiki. Gon also gives us advice on the customization of the wiki, such as colour combination, background shades, and also is another one of our info-sources, and a great friend to keep the rest of us motivated! Gon also gives us tips and sometimes edits the long stuff(like character descriptions, appearances,etc.)

Sufi is our newest mod who will be co-handling the writing and lengthy stuff with Shoujo and Gon. Sufi is pretty good at it too, so be sure to check out our wiki for some pretty accurate descriptions of things!

Rollback users

Here is a list of the rollback users who are currently active on the wiki.

  • Kiranemi makes most of our renders, and also does normal editing from time to time

Ask us

To whom do I ask about what doubts?? Well, based on what we do, you can ask:

  • Shoujo about pretty much about templates, pages and such in the wiki, since she is an all-rounder.
  • Arissun about translation corrections, and anything related to the Japanese side of things.
  • Nin about new info, questions about the anime and also, coords.
  • Gon about suggestions to improve the wiki based on appearances, and about previews and songs
  • Sufi about write-ups, ideas on coord/character descriptions, and most stuff related to write ups!

Do you want to help us make the wiki better? Just DM one of the mods here, or join our discord server to chat around with all of us!

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