Maika Chōno

Maika Chōno
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Maika sefuku

Character Information
Kanji 蝶乃舞花
Romaji Chōno Maika
Gender Female
Age 14
Birthday 8th August
Profession Student
Affiliations Star Harmony Academy
Honey Cat
Debut in DCD game Part 1
Debut in anime Hello Friends!(cameo)
Maika, Like a Butterfly!(character debut)
More information
Zodiac Leo
Blood Type O
Idol Type Sexy
Theme Color Purple
Seiyū/Singer Karen Miyama

Maika Chōno (蝶乃(ちょうの)舞花(まいか) Chōno Maika) is one of the main characters in Aikatsu Friends! She's a second year student in Star Harmony Academy's idol division. Her preferred brand is Dancing Mirage


Maika has blue eyes and a lilac hair color. She has puffed bangs that align to her left. Her hair is wavy and of a medium length.A small part of her hair is worn in a bun on the right side of her hair which also has a golden butterfly-shaped accessory. Her school dress consists of a frilly purple two-piece in shades of purple.
In the DCD game, Maika's hair is straight.


Maika is a festival-loving energetic girl. Unlike the usual sexy type characters seen in Aikatsu before, Maika has a carefree,hot-blooded nature and is also a little airheaded. However, she can be serious at times, and can give good advice to others.


Maika and Ema are together in a Friends! unit called Honey Cat. They are also seen to be very good friends.


  • Chōno (蝶乃)
    • Chōno is an actual feminine given name in Japan; 蝶 (Chō) means butterfly, while 乃 (no) is a possessive particle of Chinese origin; it fell into obscurity since and is currently used mostly, but not restricting to, personal names.
  • Maika (舞花)
    • 舞 (Mai) stands for dance, while 花 (ka) means flower.


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