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Kazune Yūki
Character Information
Romaji Yuuki Kazune
Gender Male
Debut in anime Hello Friends!
More information
Seiyū/Singer Haruki Ishiya

Kazune Yūki is Aine Yūki's older brother.


Kazune is a tall, young man. He has peach hair and his bangs are messily split at one side of his forehead



Kazune is the oldest sibling


Kazune's father

Kazune's mother

Kazune's sister

Kazune's sister

Kazune's sister

Kazune's brother


  • Yūki (友希)

See Aine Yūki for more details.

  • Kazune (かずね)

Due to hiragana writing, there is no confirmed meaning. Most common one is 和音, meaning 'chord' or 'harmonious sound'.
Notably enough, Kazune is the only male member of the Yūki family whose name wasn't derived from a historical figure.


  • Kazune is the oldest sibling in the Yūki family
  • Kazune's hair resembles his father's
  • Kazune is seen babysitting his little brother Yoshitsune in Episode 01
  • Kazune is the oldest brother a main character of Aikatsu has ever had.
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