Karen Kamishiro

Karen Kamishiro
Champagne Pink | Diamond Angel | Chibi

Chara karen

Character Information
Kanji 神城カレン
Romaji Kamishiro Karen
Gender Female
Birthday 4th October
Profession Top Idol
Affiliations Love MeTear

Star Harmony Academy (former)

Debut in DCD game Part 1
More information
Zodiac Libra
Blood Type B
Idol Type Cute
Theme Color Yellow
Seiyū/Singer Azusa Tadokoro

Karen Kamishiro (神城(かみしろ)カレン Kamishiro Karen) is one of the main characters in the upcoming series Aikatsu Friends. She is a cute-type top idol in the Diamond Class, with her partner and friend Mirai Asuka, won the Diamond Friends Cup and is now recognized as a Diamond Friend. She is a former alumnae of Star Harmony Academy. Her preferred brand is Classical Ange.


Karen has long, flowing golden-blonde hair, a large amount of which is tied in a puffy ponytail with curly ends. Her bangs are also puffy with a single lock of hair on each side of her bangs. Her eyes are a light shade of indigo.


Karen is described to be very ladylike and princess like. Since she was also given proper japanese education amongst even royalty, she is very much the Yamato Nadeshiko type


As Karen grew up, she became a perfectionist and excelled in everything she did. She came from a rich background and received special education as a child.

Later in her life, she met Mirai and they together became Friends and won the Diamond Friends Cup to become Diamond Friends.


Karen's best friend and partner, they are both top class idols and Diamond Friends.


  • Kamishiro (神城)

Kamishiro is a legitimate Japanese surname. Kami (神) means 'god, divine' and shiro (城) means 'castle'.

  • Karen (カレン)

When interpreted as a Western name, 'Karen' is one of forms of the name 'Katherine'. As an Eastern name, it doesn't have one confirmed meaning due to being written with katakana, but the most common kanji rendition is 花蓮, meaning 'lotus flower'.


  • Karen closely resembles Hime Shiratori from Aikatsu Stars!.
    • Both of them have long, flowing blonde hair.
    • Both of them are top idols and an inspiration to the protagonist.
    • Both of them are described to be ladylike and have a princess like air about them.
    • Both of them are cute idols.
  • Karen is the third known idol in the Aikatsu series to be of a Yamato Nadeshiko type, following Sakura Kitaōji and Miyabi Fujiwara.
    • Karen is the second cute type Yamato Nadeshiko.
  • Karen shares her first name with Karen Hōjō from iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls as well as Karen Shinomiya from iDOLM@STER Million Live!
    • She also shares her surname with Sui Kamishiro from Tokyo 7th Sisters. Both girls' first names are written with katakana as well.
    • Karen is so far the only character in the series with a known surname not to have one that can be used as a first name.
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