Mio's Grand CM Operation!
Episode 08
English Name Mio's Grand CM Operation!
Kanji name みおのCM大作戦!
Romanized name Mio no CM Dai Sakusen!
Date of Airing May 24,2018
Screenplay Ayumu Hisao
Storyboard Kazunobu Fuseki
Tatsuya Igarashi
Animation Hayato Hashiguchi
Episode Director Takahiko Kyōgoku
Katsuya Ōshima(assistant)
Insert Songs
Opening song Arigato ⇄ Daijōbu
Ending song Believe it
Featured Performance 6cm-ue no Keshiki
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The Ongoing Road towards Mirai★ The Melody of Courage♪

Mio's Grand CM Operation! (みおのCM大作戦!) is the eighth episode in the Aikatsu Friends! anime. It is scheduled to air on May 24, 2018.


Mio is a top idol, and she always gathers the eye of the public. Word is heard that a famous world-class creator is to be chosen as a director for a commercial for macarōns. Mio is to be filming the commercial when they are faced with a surprise: The background music is an Ondō, and is not fit for a macaron commercial!? Now Mio is up to a challenge: Can she make an impactful "Big Bang" CM when nothing goes as Mio had predicted?





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