The Ongoing Road towards Mirai★
English Name The Ongoing Road towards Mirai★
Kanji name ミライへ続く道★
Romanized name Mirai e Tsudzuku Michi★
Date of Airing May 17,2018
Screenplay Mizuru Chiba
Storyboard Mitsuhiro Yoneda
Animation Kana Nijishima
Mai Watanabe
Episode Director Mitsuhiro Yoneda
Insert Songs
Opening song Arigato ⇄ Daijōbu
Ending song Believe it
Featured Performance Identity
Previous Next
Hinata EMAgency!? Mio's Grand CM Operation

The Ongoing Road towards Mirai★ (ミライへ続く道★) is the seventh episode in the Aikatsu Friends! anime. It is scheduled to air on May 17, 2018.


After being selected by Love MeTear's Mirai for a guest role in the drama "That Idol's a Witch!", Aine is supposed to memorize her lines and practice well. But Aine keeps making mistakes, and seeing Aine in such a situation, Mirai decides to take her out for some time. But how exactly is Mirai planning to encourage Aine?




  • Being the third consecutive episode in the series, this episode's title (Mirai e Tsudzuku Michi) is also a pun to the featured character's name, Mirai Asuka.
    • This is the third episode in Aikatsu Friends! to have the featured character's pun , following Episode 05 and Episode 06.


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