Hinata, EMAgency!?
English Name Hinata, EMAgency!?
Kanji name 日向エマージェンシー!?
Romanized name Hinata, Emagency!?
Date of Airing May 10,2018
Screenplay Keīchirō Daichi
Storyboard Toshiyuki Fujisawa
Animation Akira Takahashi
Episode Director Mitsuhito Yamaji
Insert Songs
Opening song Arigato ⇄ Daijōbu
Ending song Believe it
Featured Performance Arigato ⇄ Daijōbu
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Maika,Like a Butterfly! The Ongoing Road towards Mirai★

Hinata, EMAgency!? (日向エマージェンシー!?) is the sixth episode in the Aikatsu Friends! anime. It is scheduled to air on May 10,2018.


Ema Hinata is a senior student in the idol division under the same production. She showed off her leadeship skills even at a camp that she went to. Mio looks like she isn't fitting in well with this environment, and this causes a chain on confusions. What's so interesting that's happening now around her..?


Character Appearances

Notable Events

  • Ema Hinata officially makes her character debut in this episode.


  • The episode title is a pun on Ema's full name. This is the second episode of the franchise to have an episode title based off a pun of a character's name, following Episode 05 - Maika, Like a Butterfly!.


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