Hello Friends!

Hello Friends!
Hello friends
English Name Hello Friends!
Date of Airing April 5, 2018
Screenplay Yūko Kakihara
Storyboard Tatsuya Igarashi
Animation Risa Miyatani
Episode Director Kōshō Fujī
Insert Songs
Opening song Arigato ⇄ Daijōbu
Ending song Believe it
Featured Performance Aikatsu Friends!
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Hello Friends! (ハローフレンズ!) is the first episode of the anime series Aikatsu Friends!


Aine Yūki is a regular division student who's attending Star Harmony Academy. During the spring break preceding her second year in junior high school, she encounters the top idol: Mio Minato. With her great talent to make friends, Aine easily befriends Mio, having just one request to her: How about performing together on the Aikatsu! stage...?!


The plotlines described below are spoilers at the Diamond level!

The episode starts off with Aine carrying vegetables back home. Aine greets her two friends Iroha Inoue and Himari Hirata on the way and reaches Penguin Cafe. Her mother recieves a call for a delivery of a Tomato Basil Cheese Special Sandwich, which Aine goes to deliver. When she gets to the location and asks for "Minato-san" (referring to Mio) to the staff there, a certain woman (Tamaki Enjōji) replies that Mio had run off in the woods to take a break, and also comments about how much of a pain she could be at times. Aine walks inro the woods, where she is entranced by a young and beautiful girl.
After asking her whether she was Minato-san, it is confirmed that she is Mio Minato. The two of them then laugh and talk, and relish on the sandwiches. Only after Aine leaves does Mio realize that she forgot to pay her, so Mio visits Penguin Cafe. She sees a group of small children running next to her, and when she turns arond, Aine hits her head with a stick. Aine fumbles and apologizes, and says that she was chasing and playing with those kids. After recieving the money, Aine asks Mio if she wanted to play with her and the kids, to which Mio agrees. They chase the kids, and once they were done, Mio gets a call from her manager Tamaki, asking her if she had found a good partner to make a Friends! unit with her. Aine asks Mio what was wrong, and at that moment a thought strikes Mio. Mio asks Aine if she could help her, to which Aine agress, not knowing what the help entails, as it was for a friend. But Aine is in for a shock as Mio states she wants Aine to do Aikatsu with her.
Mio then gives Aine vigorous training which Aine barely manages to keep up with. Aine's inexperience and lack of knowledge about doing Aikatsu is also clearly depicted by her being unsurprised when her sisters are shocked she was paired with the top idol Mio Minato, or how she lacks in fitness to be an idol, or even her way of greeting staff on venue.
Just before the performance, Tamaki gives Mio and Aine the Blue and Pink Link Coord and their Aikatsu Binders. Aine and Mio then perform Aikatsu Friends!, and after the performance, promise to do Aikatsu together from then onwards.



  • This is the first episode of the Aikatsu Friends! anime and it premieres the new characters
  • This is the first time the ending song is fully in CGI
  • This episode marks the debut of aine yuki and mio minato
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