Ema Hinata

Ema Hinata
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Ema sefuku

Character Information
Kanji 日向エマ
Romaji Hinata Ema
Gender Female
Age 15
Birthday 21st March
Profession Student
Affiliations Star Harmony Academy
Honey Cat
Debut in DCD game Part 1
Debut in anime Hinata EMAgency
More information
Zodiac Aries
Blood Type B
Idol Type Pop
Theme Color Orange
Seiyū/Singer Yui Ninomiya

Ema Hinata (日向(ひなた)エマ) is one of the main characters in Aikatsu Friends! She's a third year student in Star Harmony Academy's idol division.


Ema has long yellow-blonde hair that curl at the ends. She wears her hair in pigtails at the sides which are encased using locks of her own hair. She has straight bangs that are high up on her forehead. Ema's eyes are lime-yellow.


Ema is known for being an energetic person and is a very bright girl. She is a very active girl who, aside from being an idol, participates in lacrosse club activities.Her active personality is shown for her love for sneakers and camping, and is good at observing and reading the atmosphere. She has a personality of a typical energetic big-sis, which is where her catchphrase originated from.


Ema and Maika are in a Friends! unit together, which is called Honey Cat


  • Hinata (日向)
    • Hinata, usually used as a first name instead of a surname, is a term meaning 'sunny place'.
  • Ema (エマ)
    • When used in reference to a western name Emma, as the katakana writing suggests, it is a feminine given name derived from the Germanic word ermen ('universal'). However, the name Ema exists in Japan as well; it has various meanings dependent on the kanji used.




  • Ema's earrings are purple, which is the theme color of her friends partner Maika
  • Ema shares some appearance-wise similarities with Yūka Ichijō from AKB0048; they both have yellow-blonde hair styled in pigtails.
  • Following Mikuru, Yozora, Asahi, Mahiru, Aria, Aine, Mio and Maika, she's the ninth character in the franchise whose surname can also be used as a first name, followed by Mirai.
  • Ema bears resemblance to Emo Moegi from Kiratto Pri☆Chan.
    • They both have yellow hair in pigatails.
    • They're both pop-type idols.
    • They both enjoy sports.
    • They share the first half of their given names, however Ema is in katakana and Emo is in hiragana.
  • Ema also bears resemblance to Sanae Dekomori from Chūnibyō Demo Koi ga Shitai!
    • They both have long yellow-blonde hair styled in pigtails.
    • Both of their bangs are cut the same way at the top of their forehead.
    • They are both very energetic.
  • Ema bears some small similarities with Nina Dōjima from the original Aikatsu!.
    • They both talk in a similar dialect, using ya ne! very often.
    • They are both pop-type idols.


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