Diamond Friends is the highest paired unit tier. Once a Friends unit wins the Diamond Friends Cup, they are known as Diamond Friends. The only known Diamond Friends unit is Love MeTear, a paired unit consisting of Karen Kamishiro and Mirai Asuka.


The Diamond Friends is the highest level tier in paired units. A unit of two, called Friends, will be known as Diamond Friends only if they win the Diamond Friends Cup. Also, only Diamond Friends get to adorn the Diamond Dresses, which are high rarity Aikatsu dresses, similar to Premium Rare coords.

List of Diamond Friends units

Diamond Dresses

Main article: Diamond Dresses

Diamond Dresses are an Aikatsu card rarity similar to Premium Rare dresses from the original series. The currently known Diamond Dresses belong to the brand and unit Love MeTear their Diamond Dresses are the Diamond Angel Coord which belongs to Karen and the Diamond Future Coord which belongs to Mirai.

Songs performed by Diamond Friends



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