Data Carddass Aikatsu Friends

DCD Aikatsu Friends is an arcade game for the series Aikatsu Friends. It is the third game in the fanchise followed by DCD Aikatsu! And DCD Aikatsu Stars!



The player needs to first scan their Aikatsu ID.The player starts off as a student in the idol division of Star Harmony Academy. The player is required to participate in "auditions" where they perform live shows. They can use an idol from the anime or a MyChara as their character in the game. Just like the previous DCD Aikatsu games, the players need to dress up their character in an outfit by scanning cards for "tops", "bottoms", "shoes" and "accessories". The players play and earn rewards in the form of Aikatsu Cards. As they progress through the game and play different challenges, they earn cards of higher rarity.

In Data Carddass Aikatsu Friends!, the player can form a Friends! unit with another player/idol and perform duet lives together. They can perform Friends! appeals and earn Friends! coords.

Live Show

Before the live

The format for live shows is consistent throughout all the Data Carddass Aikatsu games. After selecting a live mode and song, the player chooses a character and dresses her up in Aikatsu Cards. The cards provide special boosts based on their rarity and brand.

The live show

The player then starts the live show. In the live show, the player taps green,red and yellow keys on the main console according to the rhythm notes displayed on the screen. The taps by the player are graded on timing and classified into Perfect, Great, Good, Bad and Miss. In between the song, there are 3 random prompts given to the player to perform a special appeal(the method of doing the appeal is varied). A successfully completed appeal recieves 3 rewards(based on the type of appeal) and a score boost. During the entirety of the song played, a meter gauge fills up on the top of the screen which when maxed out prompts the player to perform a Fever Appeal. A Fever Appeal is a more difficult version of a special appeal, but it gives out better rewards and a larger score boost when completed successfully.

It should be noted that the Drama category was removed, reducing the amount od song types to 3: Live Songs, Fashion Show Songs and Dance Songs.

After the live

Once the live is completed, the player is given rewards in the form of Aikatsu cards, and other bonuses. Their combo and score greatly affects the final results. When playing an event, the player's points are recorded in their Aikatsu ID, and the obtained cards are printed out for the player's collection and future use.

Important in-game features


The MyChara is a customized character designed by the player. A player uses their MyChara as their identity for the game. Their MyChara is a student in Star Harmony Academy and goes through a life as an idol who does Aikatsu everyday. The MyChara is designed by the player by mixing and matching different hairstyles, eye color, and many other features.

Aikatsu ID

Main article: Aikatsu ID

Aikatsu Museum

The Aikatsu Museum feature lets the player play songs that originated in the original Aikatsu! DCD as well as Aikatsu Stars! DCD.

It is worth mentioning that the game has backward compatibility with Aikatsu Stars! cards, something that was not featured when original Aikatsu! DCD was replaced with Aikatsu Stars! DCD.


Main Characters

The main characters for this game are:

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