Daisy Light Pink Coord
Daisy Light Pink Coord
Brand Classical Ange
Attribute Cute
Rarity Rare
Data Carddass Game Part 2

  Daisy Light Pink Coord (デイジーライトピンクコーデ) is a cute-type rare coord made by the brand Classical Ange. It made its debut in Part 2 of Data Carddass Aikatsu Friends!.It shares its design with the Daisy Light Green Coord.


Daisy Light Pink Tops

A light pink based top with the top and bottom lined with lace. The bodice is lined with daisies and green pearls. A darker pink shrug is worn above the top. It is full sleeved with puffed shoulders.The back neckline ends in white lace and the wrists end in white ruffled material. The user obtains a golden choker with pearls and a daisy on them. Just beneath the puffed shoulders of the shrug a red ribbon with a gold center is tied. The sleeves are slit and parted at the ends to form a V-cut. The base of the tops follow the same style, with the light pink material slit to reveal a pearl blue material underneath.

Daisy Light Pink Skirt

A layered skirt with five layers, the base being white. The top layer is light pink with white self prints on it, and is lined with a lace lining raised at alternative points. Each point has a daisy and a golden droplet accessory. The second layer is a darker shade of pink, and is rippled to accent the upper layer. The third layer is a pastel blue,and its top border is lined with a golden string of pearls. The last two layers are pink pearl white with embroidery at the base.

Daisy Light Pink Pumps

Pink flats with light pink netted stockings.The belt of the shoe is a red flower with a golden center. The ankles have a double-layered,ruffled white material covering that area. The stockings are knee-length.

Daisy Light Pink Mini Hat

A mini hat in pink color. A light pink ribbon with a string of pearls on its edges is lined across the hat. A couple of daisies and a few pearls are placed on one side of the hat. The accessory set also includes a pair of earrings, that have a daisy for the stud and a golden heart droplet.

Dress Items

Tops Bottoms Shoes
Fc-16p 00
Daisy Light Pink Top
Fc-17p 00
Daisy Light Pink Skirt
Fc-18p 00
Daisy Light Pink Pumps


Fs-2p 00
Fp-55p 01
Daisy Light Pink Mini Hat
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