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Coco render
Character Information
Kanji ココ
Romaji Koko
Gender Female
Profession Aikatsu! Navi Assistant
Affiliations Star Harmony Academy
Debut in DCD game Part 1
More information
Seiyū/Singer Sumire Morohoshi

Coco (ココ)is a character in Aikatsu Friends who is an Aikatsu Navi assistant. She is possibly the first artificially intelligent Aikatsu character. She can be activated in the Aikatsu phone when the user says "Hello Coco"


Coco has silver hair, all of it worn in a side ponytail.She has slightly messy bangs that split into three. Coco is seen wearing a pair of heardphones, and she also has a rhombus-shaped blue ribbon with a white stripe at the back of her head.


Coco being an AI Aikatsu Navi assistant has lots of knowledge about the idol system and cards, so she is a navigator and guidance for idols.




  • Koko (ココ)

When read as a Western name, 'Coco', it's derived from a Spanish/French pet name. It may also be a reference to Coco Chanel, a famous French designer. As an Eastern name, it has multiple meanings. It may be read as 'here' when using either hiragana ここ or kanji 此処 (now obscure) as well, in given names, as 'heart' (心)


  • Coco shares her voice actress with Ichigo Hoshimiya from the original Aikatsu! series and Tsubasa Kisaragi from Aikatsu Stars!
  • Coco shares her first name with Coco Miyashita of Love Live! School Idol Festival.
  • Coco can be compared with Aoi Kiriya from Aikatsu! and Yuri Ashida from Aikatsu Stars!.
    • All of them are well versed in idol culture.
    • Coco and Aoi both wear their hair in a side ponytail.
    • Coco and Yuri are both navigators and guiders for idols;they both help idols with cards and idol education.
    • All are probably Cool-type idols.
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