Chandelier Pink Coord
Chandelier Pink Coord
Brand Classical Ange
Attribute Cute
Rarity Rare
Data Carddass Game Promotional Collection

  Chandelier Pink Coord (シャンデリアピンクコーデ) is a cute-type rare coord made by the brand Classical Ange. It made its debut in Promotional Collection of the Data Carddass Aikatsu Friends!.It shares its design with the Chandelier Gold Coord


Chandelier Pink Tops

A cap-sleeved top with mainly two shades of gold. It comes with a silver choker-necklace having a blue gemstone in the center of The locket. The center of the bodice has a pale blue ribbon flower, with a smaller flower accessory in its center made of blue gemstone. A dark pinken strip of ribbon lines the neckline. Pale pink zig-zag ruffles of cloth comes underneath the ribbon flower piece, covering a wide, silver designed material making the bodice. Just below the bodice the top's base, an off-white material with a silver border, is flapped over each other, and below that is a continuation of the upper bodice. The cap-sleeves are pale pink and puffed, with silver designs on them. The user also obtains elbow-length gloves which is a pale pink with the top third being a darker pink with silver designs.

Chandelier Pink Skirt

The skirt is a two-layered skirt with the layers being two different shades of pink. The upper layer is the darker pink, and has a thin cream border on the top and a embroidered silver strip as the border at the bottom. The second layer makes up most of the skirt, and has silver embroidery paired with blue and silver gemstones. The drooped corners of the skirt have a single silver drop hanging from them.

Chandelier Pink Shoes

The shoes have heel to them. The shoes are a shimmery bright yellow, with the base being a pale yellow. Golden designs and jewel drops run through the feet of the shoes, and have a green ribbon flower at the ankle. The flower has a blue gemstone in the center. Upward of the ankle pink criss-crossed ribbons give the shoes the look of balle flats.

Chandelier Pink Accessory

The accessory card is also a makeup points card with the user gaining pink lipstick. The set has two items, a hair bow and a pair of stud earrings. The bow is a mix of pale pink and pale green, and is rippled thrice. It has a blue gemstone flower in the center. The earrings are smaller versions of the blue gemstone flower.

Dress Items

Tops Bottoms Shoes
Fz-6p 00
Chandelier Pink Top
Fz-7p 00
Chandelier Pink Skirt
Fz-8p 00
Chandelier Pink Pumps
Chandelier pink-acce
Chandelier Pink Accessory


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