Bouquet des Fleurs Coord
Bouquet de Fleurs Coord
Brand Classical Ange
Attribute Cute
Rarity Premium Rare
Data Carddass Game Part 2
Known Users Karen Kamishiro

  Bouquet de Fleurs Coord (ブーケ・ド・フルールコーデ) is a premium rare coord made by the cute brand Classical Ange. It will make its debut in Part 2 of Data Carddass Aikatsu Friends!


Bouquet de Fleurs top

The top is pale pink with white ruffles at the bottom and forming a V lined with golden pearls through the bodice and ending at the shoulders. The shoulders have colorful flowers on them. The sleeves are made of criss-crossed yellow strips of cloth, ending at the wrist with white ruffles that have a dark pink bow and lining on them. The collar is neck-high and frilled with a dark pink ribbon on it. The bodice of the top has two large ribbons on the front, one in pink and the other one magenta. The user obtains pink nail polish.

Bouquet de Fleurs skirt

A layered skirt with three steps lined with lace.The first one is white.The second one in light pink which is covered with self-printed roses.The third layer is also white and is larger than the other two.A pink colour peplum is sewn over mostof the skirt.Thick red ribbon is draped around the peplum with its tail hanging from the centre.Beneath is a white fabric that resembles to the first skirt layer.bounded by a ribbon with lots of flower placed on it

Bouquet de Fleurs shoes

It is a hot pink colour and has attractive pumps with accenting on foot and in front of the ankle.Dark pink colour ribbon is wrapped around it .In the centre of the bow is a pearl gem.A golden chain hangs under it .There are pearls attached in the front of shoes

Bouquet de Fleurs accessory

A attractive hat that has ruffled material and pearls.At the middle is dark pink ribbon with fabric , feather and a small flower which is attached at the middle of these item.The hat is attached with white fabric.The earrings are made of jewel and butterflies attached with a golden ring. 
This card is a makeup card, accompanied with a point-boosting perfume in the DCD Game.

Dress Items

Tops Bottoms Shoes
F2-1pr 00
F2-2pr 00
F2-3pr 00
F2-4pr 00


  • The name of coord is written in French.
  • This is the second coord in the Aikatsu Friends! series to have a french-based name, following the Little Charmant Coord.
  • This is the first Premium Rare dress of Classical Ange.


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