Believe it/Stage
Believe it stage
Song Believe it
Song Type(s) Cute
Stage Type Live
Data Carddass Game Part 1
Anime Hello Friends!(ending)
The Invincible Love MeTear☆(debut)


The stage is a huge ballroom with a dark mauve carpet. Leading to the center stage is a runway with a red carpet and golden designs. The ballromm has three storeys from where the audience can view the stage. Circling the stage is a platform encircled with a golden handrail where audience can stand and view the live. This platform also have a couple of potted plants in the corners. The walls of the ballroom have glittering mauve wallpaper and on the four directions of the room are huge stained glass windows representing the four attributes Cute,Cool,Sexy and Pop. The ceiling is made of blue stained glass and a pair of dangling chandeliers and the stage itself is bright pink.




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