Aroma Flower Coord
Aroma Flower Coord
Brand none
Attribute Cute
Rarity Normal
Data Carddass Game Part 1
Known Users Aine Yūki

  Aroma Flower Coord is a cute-type brandless Normal coord. It will make its debut in Part 1 of Data Carddass Aikatsu Friends!.


Aroma Flower Top

A baby blue top with ruffles on the bottom and going down the sleeves of the top. The top is covered in a floral design of white lilies. A small light pink bow adorns the top right corner of the top. The top comes with wrist bands made of the same blue material and also has two layers of white ruffles.

Aroma Flower Skirt

The skirt is a knee length, mildly pleated skirt of pale pink, the same shade of Aine's hair, and has a baby pink laced ending. The bottom of the skirt is covered in floral designs including blue,yellow and peach flowers. The top right of the skirt has a small pin with floral accessory on it

Aroma Flower Booties

The boots are made of denim with a white section for the toe region and have a pink outline on the ankle. The surface of the boots start with a blue bow accessory with a pink heart in the center, followed by crossed-over blue shoe laces. The wearer also gets knee length lace stockings which also have a pink floral pattern running across the side.

Dress Items

Tops Bottoms Shoes
Aroma Flower Top
Aroma Flower Skirt
Aroma Flower Booties


  • The base color of the skirt is Aine Yūki's hair color.


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