Aikatsu Friends! (song)/Stage
Aikatsu friends stage
Song Aikatsu Friends!
Song Type(s) Cute/Cool
Stage Type Dance
Data Carddass Game Part 1
Anime Hello Friends!


The stage is an open air outdoor stage set up on a grassy field with trees and a partly cloudy sky. The stage itself is mostly in the pink-blue color combination with two large screens on each side equipped with mega speakers. The stage has a rectangular base with a circular extension from the center of its frontier. The floor of the stage is lined with blue and pink checkered tiles. The back of the stage also has a large screen above which the word "AIKATSU!" written in large, bold rainbow letters. The screen has pictures of clouds and colorful bolts. On each side of the screen are a pink and blue set of speakers. The are attached to the stage pillars which is striped in pink, blue and white and goes upwards high where it's pole tops, two golden stars, connect to each other with a big,thick,lavender ribbon. There are many colorful balloons and other funfetti decor surrounding the stage.
The audience are seated in rows of stands of yellow in color. They also bear the same checkered design from the stage

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