The Dress Change Room is a room/cubicle system where the idol can wear the dress in their Aikatsu Cards. It is a rather advanced technology, with which the idol can dress up by simply jumping through their Aikatsu Cards.


Inserting the cards

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Dress change

In the Fitting Room of the Aikatsu Friends! series, the idol/player enters the fitting room after inserting their desired Cards. The Fitting Room consists of a narrow aisle surrounded by waterfalls and and a crytalline backdrop. The idol runs to the end of the aisle where there is a cushiony trampoline, on which the idol jumps. The trampoline propels the idol through their tops, bottoms and shoes card and lands them on a stage-like structure, where they get their accesories and makeup done.The idol then poses on the stage, and is then transported to their live stage.

Dress Change Room(images)

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