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Aikatsu! Mobile (アイカツ!モバイル) is a mobile device used by idols who do Aikatsu. It is, as stated by Tamaki, a must for idols in the Aikatsu world.


The Aikatsu Mobile's purpose is to perform functions of not just an ordinary smartphone device, but also a smartphone that records an idol's card collection. Idols are also always notified about new auditions or events through the mobile device, and can also browse various info as well. In Aikatsu Friends!, a primary feature of the Aikatsu! Mobile is the ability to use Coco, an Aikatsu! Navi that is an instant source of info about idols and idolhood. Coco is enabled by simply speaking "Hello, Coco" to the mobile.



In the Aikatsu! Mobile (termed as Aikatsu Phone) from Season 1 of Aikatsu, the phone had a colorful flip case. and many gold and colorful patterns with pink as the base color. The phone's main purpose was to store and holographically use Aikatsu Card data, using social media (such as Kirakiratter) and allowing idols to manage their schedules, auditions, events, programmes and lesson sessions.

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In Season 2 and ahead of OG Aikatsu, the Aikatsu Phone was replaced with Aikatsu Phone Smart, a more compact device with almost similar festures. It also gave you the Proof of the Constellation when the user performed a Seiza Appeal, and had all-new features including an in-build camera, mini-games, dance steps, modelling jobs and lesson managements.

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The Aikatsu Mobile in Aikatsu Stars! was a more technologically advanced phone, however it is still unknown whether features like Kirakiratter still exists. Its primary feature was the storage and usage of Glitters, and the usage of the Dress Make system where idols could change the designs and colors of their coords.


In Aikatsu Friends!, the Aikatsu Mobiles are very advanced and have a sleek appearance, with it being entirely touchscreen. The mobile's all-round info feature is an Aikatsu! Navi (derived from "Navigator"), who is Coco.

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  • The Aikatsu! Mobile resembles Apple Inc.'s iPhone X
    • Coco's features in-device resemble that of Siri as well.
    • Moreover, just like how Siri is activated with the words "Hey Siri", Coco is activated with "Hello Coco".
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